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Angels & Our Divine Purpose: An Interview With Angelologist Chantel Lysette
BY TIM MIEJAN -- JUNE 1, 2014 "The Edge" Magazine, Minnesota-St.Paul

“The angels will tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear, and sometimes their messages may not always be comforting — truth rarely is. But truth is what liberates us from the illusions we create in our lives. Truth brings us closer to our Creator and the understanding of our purpose here in this existence.” — Chantel Lysette

Known internationally as a professional “angelologist” and author of three books detailing her relationship with the archangels, Rev. Chantel Lysette, Ph.D., will visit the Twin Cities for the first time in June, brimming with excitement and eager to share her enthusiasm about the angels with Minnesotans.

Let’s be clear: Rev. Lysette is not just connected intuitively with the archangels. She is a self-proclaimed “angel geek” who, at the drop of a hat, can speak about angels all afternoon, into the evening and probably into the next day if given a chance. Her commitment to the angels follows humbling experiences that eventually freed her up to write books and help others establish and maintain “a life-enhancing relationship with God.”

Her books — Azrael Loves Chocolate: Michael’s a Jock — An Insider’s Guide to What Angels Are Really Like, The Angel Code: Your Interactive Guide to Angel Communication, and the newest release, Angelic Pathways: An Angel Medium’s Guide to Navigating Our Human Experience — do not read like spiritual texts. Rev. Lysette presents the archangels not as winged divinity, but as wise beings with distinct personalities, images and missions — and a sense of humor, to boot.
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