Nurture the Soul

Join Chantel and thousands of her readers worldwide as they explore the intricacies and depths of being spiritual children of the Creator, learning and evolving through the human experience. Monthly online events are lighthearted, educational and focused on togetherness. Blessed by the company of archangels, Chantel brings to life some of the most complex philosophies to examine in a way that all can understand. Come and grow with us!

All are welcome

The Creator delights in His (Her, Its) garden, resplendent with color and diversity! This is a judgement-free zone. Find your bliss and your peace in the company of Angels Divine and angels of the earth, who celebrate you as a beautiful spiritual being in bloom!

Chantel Lysette

International Author. Angel Medium. Minister. Spiritual Advisor.

Caring. Giving. Compassionate. Open. Uncensored.

Nondenominational. Inclusive. World Citizen. Progressive.


When angels whisper, do you listen?tm